Non-Licensed Administrative/Professional Technical

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Daily18%Responsible for building a strong culture of achievement and respect. Includes establishing daily student procedures and routines, visual school culture and celebrations. Assists scholars in establishing high standards for behavioral excellence in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct. Creates a system to track and maintain day-to-day contact with student body by methods such as real time check-ins, scholar surveys, and follow-up with student suggestions and requests.
Mnthly5%Plan, coordinate, and schedule school projects.
Daily20%Implement and monitor school-wide behavioral expectations and policies; address safety and welfare issues by holding meetings with parents, investigating incidents, documenting findings, contacting proper authorities and conforming to legal requirements and regulations.
Daily10%Assists in creating and facilitating Restorative Justice interventions for scholars. Creates and sustains student accountability systems that ensure a focus on learning and student success. Supports staff at assigned schools with the implementation of programs and strategies related to intentional culture, alternatives to suspension, increasing student attendance, reducing student suspension/expulsion and responding to students demonstrating significant attendance problems through the truancy prevention and reduction process, including the Community Attendance Review Board (CARB) process, assist schools to build their own capacity to analyze student engagement data, maintain accurate records, and to develop and implement effective strategies and actions.
Daily5%Designs and coordinates an orderly and safe student drop-off and pick-up system. Functions as the site technology representative during testing events; must attend and pass all required training. Provides digital citizenship training for scholars and families. Monitors and manages all scholar online activity, including but not limited to Go Guardian, social media, and other potential threats to the integrity of our network. Performs bookkeeping, purchasing and license renewal functions related to software or hardware for yearly technology budget. Maintain a current list of technology-related inventory items in the building. Acts as school technology facilitator by providing training as needed, installing software, troubleshooting hardware and software and assisting with integrating technology into the classroom. Train school staff on computers, peripherals and the latest applications that become District standards. Set-up new computers and maintain and troubleshoot computers, Promethean boards, projectors, visualizers, and peripherals in the building. Generate and monitor help requests for building technology equipment repairs. Address building management concerns by working with the custodial staff, office staff, teachers and District staff including implementing school-wide safety and emergency protocols.
Daily10%Facilitates restorative conversations involving students, staff, and parents to promote students' sense of belonging and academic engagement. Restorative conversations can include classroom circles, reintegration meetings, student with student, teacher with student, teacher, parent and student, community circles, etc. Encourages and enforces behavior expectations with and for students by allowing the students to be heard and to take responsibility for their actions. Ensures that restorative conversations are considered as a first option to address student misconduct with the intent of healing any harm that was caused.
Daily20%Provide coaching support to staff to ensure strong classroom and school culture, including strong building and classroom systems and routines.
Daily10%Develop, design and provide professional development to staff to educate staff on development of strong classroom and school student culture, systems and routines.
Yrly2%Perform other duties as assigned.


Aurora Public Schools - Job Description - Coordinator, Climate and Culture