Nutrition Services

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Wkly20%Responsible for production manager and kitchen manager duties in their absence, including monitoring emails and voicemails, responding to customer’s requests as well as directing staff with assigned duties and tasks.
Daily20%Assist in leading and directing kitchen staff in all aspects of food preparation (batch cooking, restocking/replenishing salad bar between meal times, etc.). Ensure temperatures are documented and confirm thermometers are calibrated appropriately. Monitor proper food portioning for mealtime and service.
Daily20%Utilize the computer to perform daily and weekly functions, including running the point of sale program for breakfast and lunch, putting deposits into the accounts, printing keypad cards for students, ensure menu production worksheets are completed accurately, and printing end of day tallies for menu worksheets.
Wkly5%Assist with hiring and disciplining including documenting appropriate employee correspondence
Daily5%Implement proper sanitation and kitchen safety programs as defined by federal, state, and local guidelines and rules including the Nutrition Services HAACP program.
Wkly10%Review food delivery orders, making sure to follow required food delivery procedures. Responsible for monitoring and maintaining kitchen equipment and facility for proper temperatures, cleanliness, and operations.
Wkly5%Assist in training of Nutrition Service Assistants
Daily5%Arrange end-of-day reports. Attend department meetings and continue to follow state, federal, and continuing education requirements
Daily5%Ensure cash handling procedures are followed per Nutrition Services Financial Procedures Handbook.
Yrly4%Maintain and monitor budget/accounts for assigned kitchen(s) including reimbursements.
Yrly1%Perform other duties as assigned.


Aurora Public Schools - Job Description - Manager, Cook Assistant