Maintenance and Operations

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Daily85%Clean building including classrooms, locker rooms, rest rooms, offices and hallways by removing trash, vacuuming, mopping, sweeping, dusting, buffing, cleaning carpets, washing windows, scrubbing floors and ceilings.
Daily2%Change filters; clean heating/cooling vents; inspect boilers for proper pressure settings; routinely examine water/air pipes and facility roof and structure for damage and leaks; and perform minor repairs to building, furniture, equipment, includes changing ceiling tiles. Report building maintenance repairs to immediate supervisor and/or appropriate maintenance department.
Daily2%Assure building security by locking/unlocking doors at appropriate times, recognizing and correcting unsafe security conditions or reporting condition to appropriate personnel or authorities.
Daily1%Move, unpack and assemble furniture and building equipment.
Daily1%Respond to emergencies such as fire alarms, broken pipes, electrical shorts and fires. Refer student behavioral problems to appropriate staff for correction. Assist building staff as needed during emergencies to assure student and staff safety.
Daily1%Remove trash, animal droppings and, occasionally, small dead animals from building grounds. Clean gum off sidewalks and graffiti off doors and walls.
Wkly1%Serve as on-call emergency contact during non-working hours. Perform normal job duties or snow removal when called in to building
Wkly2%Set up for school programs, meetings, assemblies, special events and after-hours functions as requested. Move computers, public address system, audio-visual equipment, furniture and adjust lighting as needed.
Daily5%Perform other duties as assigned.


Aurora Public Schools - Job Description - Custodian