Maintenance and Operations

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Daily50%Clean and oversee cleaning of building including classrooms, restrooms, offices, gymnasiums, media centers, lobbies, lounges, stairwells, corridors, auditoriums, cafeterias, athletic fields, and hallways by removing trash/recycling, vacuuming, mopping, sweeping, dusting, buffing, cleaning carpets, washing windows, scrubbing floors and ceilings. Oversee performance of custodial services employees. Provide staff training on specific tasks. Communicate; resolve issues and concerns.
Daily10%Supervise, train, coach and mentor school custodial staff. Make hiring and disciplinary recommendations, conduct staff performance evaluations, monitor and approve time reporting documents and vacation requests and assist with substitute coverage on an as needed basis.
Daily5%Serve as on-call emergency contact during non-working hours. Perform normal job duties or snow removal when called into the building. Respond to emergencies such as fire alarms, broken pipes, electrical shorts and fires. Refer student behavioral problems to appropriate staff. Assist building staff as needed during emergencies to assure student and staff safety.
Daily5%Perform daily grounds, playground equipment and facilites and building inspection. Inspect fire extinguishers, fire risers, emergency and exit lights, roofs, playground equipment and building for hazards, damage and vandalism. Submit monthly building inspection reports to supervisor. Complete and submit work orders to Maintenance and Operations Department for repair or replacement of damaged equipment.
Mnthly5%Order custodial supplies and effectively manage assigned school-based supplies budget. Receive unpack, store and deliver instructional and custodial supplies to appropriate staff member.
Daily5%Maintain building custodial hazardous materials inventory, Safety Data Sheets (SDS), custodial work orders and building work order records. Complete hazardous material inventory for the building and request and store SDS information on all products.
Daily5%Change light bulbs and perform minor repairs to building, furniture, equipment, including changing ceiling tiles.
Daily2%Assure building security by locking/unlocking doors and windows at appropriate times, recognizing and correcting unsafe security conditions or reporting condition to appropriate personnel or authorities.
Daily3%Set-up for school programs, meetings, assemblies, special events and after-hours functions as requested by building Principal and staff. Move computers, public address system, audio-visual equipment, furniture and adjust lighting and HVAC settings as needed. Move, unpack and assemble furniture and building equipment as directed by the Custodial Operations Manager.
Mnthly1%Assist building staff with fire and emergency drills. Inspect fire extinguishers, exits and emergency lights as dictated by District policy and state regulations.
Qrtly4%Collaborate with custodians and Custodial Operations Manager to create, update and document detailed cleaning schedules. Assign and direct job duties to custodians for additional work that is needed.
Daily5%Perform other duties as assigned.


Aurora Public Schools - Job Description - Custodian - Head Elementary